Webpage Monte Carlo simulations of 2D spin systems

Our physical world is made of simple atoms, but that doesn't explain why our colorful world is so complicated and so endlessly interesting.
Physicists call it phases of matter, and they develop models.
Physics models capture the essential part of the reality, and the model itself can be studied with math tools, to give further understanding of the reality.

Javascript simulations:

Ising model

Potts model

XY model

Ising with next nearest neighbor interaction

About the author: Jian Wang(王健), is a PhD student in theoretical condensed matter physics, in UCLA.

I'm working with Prof. Sudip Chakravarty in UCLA condensed matter group. My Ph.D. thesis is the study of disordered and dissipative quantum spin systems (2019). I got my B.S. degree in physics in 2013 at University of Science and Technology of China. resume